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New PS4 game: The Dark Sourcer

Have you heard the news? Sony recently announced the Playstation 4 and Microsoft unveiled the XBox One. Members of the gaming community have gone absolutely bonkers over the news.

The short stars Carl Payne, David Gant, Christian Eriksen and David Gasman.

The tech demo is a technological marvel. The set is composed of about 1 million polygons, each character containing just under 1 million polygons, along with 350MB of textures and around 40 shaders. Physically Based Shaders, volumetric lights, full HDR, Color Grading, Physical Lenses and translucence to render skin are also used in the demo.

I’m sure there are a few things that you noticed right off the bat. First of all, the graphics are absolutely flawless. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw this level of quality in a Disney or Pixar movie.

The other thing that’s hard to miss is the detail that went into the facial expressions. These characters were made using motion capture software and professional actors. The Goblin was modeled after actor Carl Anthony Payne, while the dark sorcerer was modeled off of David Gant.

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