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CAP Entertainment is an actors one stop shop that will assist with getting your foot in the door in the entertainment industry. We live & breathe creativity, and we are committed to guiding you to your ultimate goals.

Carl Anthony Payne established CAP Entertainment in Atlanta, GA in 2014 and has made it his mission to contribute his expertise and experience to the "New Hollywood".   In total, Georgia's film industry generated an estimated $3.3 billion in economic activity in 2013, a figure that puts it firmly on the map as a film location destination.  High-profile films shot in Georgia over the last two years include Fast & Furious 7, Dumb and Dumber Two, 42, The Internship, Ride Along 2 and many more!


If you are located in Atlanta, GA and are looking for help with getting yourself started in the entertainment industry, CAP Entertainment is your one stop shop!  CAP Entertainment specializes in actor professional development, entertainment consulting, film and television production office, also specializing in children and adult actor training and development, reality star crossover intense training into the film industry, business consultation and development.


Clients of CAPE receive a range of services from introductory to specialized development classes, business management, PR, casting training, on-scene camera services to production consultation and coordination, video service and more. If you have the drive, take the craft seriously in front and behind the camera and are looking to step your project or acting career to the next level…It begins at CAPE!


Are you looking to be groomed in the Entertainment industry by a Hollywood professional? Make your appointment today with renowned actor/producer Carl Anthony Payne.

Join our dynamic group of actors in our Actors workshop.  Group sessions focus on  Character Development &  guest instructor Charmin Lee will focus on On Camera Auditioning Techniques


Is your Child or teen a natural actor or actress?  Carl Payne will teach your kids the basics of acting and help them to discover their acting abilities.  Singers, dancers, actors, and comedians between the ages of 10-16 are welcome!

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