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Donate A Blanket


'Tis the season to give!!


CAP Entertainment would like to ask all of our friends, family members, supporters, fans, social media friends... and everyone that has been blessed throughout their lives, to join us in our winter donation, Donate a Blanket. As we all know, there are some families and individuals that are in situations where they are currently struggling with homelessness and have very minimal possessions. Carl Anthony Payne is on a mission to provide as many people in need with their own fleece blanket to keep them warm as the weather begins to get colder.


Fleece blankets will be purchased with your donations and personally handed out by Carl Payne to those in need on behalf of the CAP Entertainment supporters. We ask that you find it in your hearts to donate and support our cause.


Goal:  CAP Entertainment is striving to fund 500 newly purchased blankets.  Help us reach this goal with your donation today!

$5 Donation
$10 Donation
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$15 Donation
$20 Donation

* A PayPal processing fee will be added to all donation payments

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