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Celebrity Acting Workshop with Carl Payne & Dennis L.A. White




Date: Saturday October 3rd

Time: 11 am - 3 pm

Location: "Truth Music Cafe´" Downtown Detroit, Michigan

For more information: 

Register Now!!

Students ................................$65.00 per person (plus online processing fee)









Adults ..................................$110.00 per person   (plus online processing fee)


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Student Testimonials

 My meeting with Mr. Payne were awesome. Mr. Payne broke down key points of how to be an actor. Nothing that wasn't taught to me from all the training I had. I will continue to work with Mr. Payne to better my craft.   


- J.Hunter                                  



My experience at Carl Anthony Payne Entertainment Studio was an amazing one. From the moment I walked into the studio, I felt welcomed. The staff at CAP was great and made me feel at home. Carl is a great teacher. During our private session, he challenged me to think of acting as "behaving truthfully in imaginary situations." Carl is a veteran in the entertainment industry and I am so blessed to have him as my acting coach.





I learned of the Carl Payne acting workshops via social media & once I saw the flyer, it was a no-brainer for me! The cost of the class was better than those in Hollywood, and the training was just as in-depth and intense! I really enjoyed the hands-on teaching & I encourage anyone who is serious about acting to get signed up today!"


-J. "FunnyMaine" Johnson

Birmingham, AL


My experience at CAP Entertainment acting workshops was phenomenal. We worked on many different exercises that I will continue to use and help build my craft. CAP Entertainment studio is an awesome spacious place for hands on professional acting training.

Much Appreciated,


M. Haynes

Atlanta, GA


 I so thoroughly enjoyed it! It was such a privilege having one on one time with Cole. He not only touched on so much but also gave me lots of food for thought. I appreciated how he showed me how to express and look at acting in many different ways. All in all it was great and I can't wait for the next one. 


C. Howard

Atlanta, GA


The CAP Workshop went beyond my expectations. Carl really took the time to make sure that each of us got maximum and equal opportunity to learn from him and one another.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and can't wait to work with CAPE in the near future! Thanks so much again!

S. Nwigwe
Houston, TX


My experience with Mr. Payne's class was an enlightening one. It was probably "the most" valuable thing I have invested in my career. It was like, I know that I have a talent and my talent has been getting me acting jobs, but attending the class allowed me to see that I have to learn techniques and become skilled. It was like playing an instrument by ear and later leadning to read the music. His class added theory to my natural abilities.


He asked me to be a sponge and I took it all in. From his body language, to his variations of saying things, to his passion to teach and show me. His passion about teaching the right way makes me more passionate about learning to do things correctly and allowing my talent to become a skilled technique. He shared personal stories and gave the visual of how real the art of acting is. His authenticity made me feel like it was ok to be transparent. He challenged me and let me know it was okay to fail. Normally I'm very guarded, but if I lived in the area this would be a part of my weekly routine because I know he has so much more to give. This was my first formal training but on a scale of 1-10, I'd say this was a 12. Great job, great person, enlightening, inspiring, and even though I left physically and emotionally drained it was all worth it.


-T. LeSane



I Highly recommend that you take Carl Payne's class.  I'm an Actor w/ my own production company based in NYC and was able to meet Carl Payne and take his Actors workshop in Houston TX. I left w/ so much guidance, wisdom and was Impressed by his knowledge and approach. OWN THE ROOM !!!!


C. Ducena



Carl is such a GREAT educator !!!! I had the best opportunity to witness the depth and skills of his acting and the strategies to the industry !!!! Thank you so much for the insight and the understanding of the true essence to embracing each 'story' for future acting opportunities !!!


T. Chandler


The CAP Entertainment taught me so many things about character building and myself in such a short amount of time. I literally felt like the workshop taught me more than some of my theatre classes. It was very fun, yet intense and I learned how to articulate and audition etiquette. I would definitely recommend this to those pursuing an acting career!

S. Price
Houston, TX


I was very impressed with Mr. Payne's Acting workshop. Not only did he take the time to critique our

performances, but he also enriched us with powerful tools to prepare us for the big stage. He's a pure genius and a humble soul.


Mr. Payne also went over and beyond to provide helpful tips for my screenwriting. Overall, the experience was

enlightening and fun and I felt very honored to be in his presence. 


L. James

Stone Mountain, Georgia

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